New Book Release!


After months of collaborating with piper Calum MacCrimmon as typesetter, I am extremely excited to launch my latest book of compositions, THE DUNEDIN BAGPIPE COLLECTION. Featuring a pastel painting on the cover that I created, the book contains special commissions which were an honour to do and lots of new repertoire as well as a few old tunes from years gone by. Thanks to Professor Joshua Dickson and Pipe Major Stuart Liddell for their words of encouragement in the Foreword. 


Limited prints of the book cover are also available. High quality paper and soft muted colours, inspired by my travels in the Highlands of Scotland. The painting has a large white border, making the total size A3. (Unframed).

Spring is getting nearer as we all reflect on the winter months. I can’t wait to get back in the garden and sow my veg seeds. Last year I worried a bit too much about it but ended up with a bumper crop! I can highly recommend it, even if you have a tiny space, veg can grow anywhere and it is so rewarding! Waiting to see if the newly planted Apple Trees have survived the winter! 

2022 has started with a personal challenge of composing a reel a day, in the hope that I end up with 365 tunes! Some days it just flows and others end up being a bit more frustrating…I will keep going!! Each reel is influenced by certain styles. Irish, Scottish, Shetland, pipes and contemporary. This helps me get going and I choose a key signature at the start. Have a go? Join me and get composing!!

Stay safe and feel free to browse the shop. Thanks for dropping by!