Marie is an open minded and
extremely versatile fiddle player.

Born in Edinburgh, Marie Fielding has been immersed in Traditional music from an early age and become one of the best known fiddlers, tutors and composers in the Traditional scene. 

'I am passionate about inspiring and contributing to the legacy of Traditional music.'

Project Spectrum

An album that tells a story
from start to finish

“Raw, emotional and really powerful. Fantastic.” Ian Stevens
“Sinuous, sensuous and sublime.” David Rattray
“Spectrum, a hauntingly, beautiful slow piece on 5 string fiddle. Highly recommended.” Seamus McGuire
“ Full of life and emotion, with quality underpinning everything……you could be forgiven for thinking that Marie is Scotland’s answer to Liz Carroll… can feel it…” Fiona Heywood / Living Tradition Magazine

Project Spectrum is available here now! 

“Fielding showcases here not only her finely honed art as a Scots fiddler and composer but also as a painter whose art glows from the album cover…….it features a frequently beguiling range of moods…..” **** / Jim Gilchrist / The Scotsman
“The title track is a masterpiece of tone and texture……….the delicacy continues through a set of reels reminiscent of Martin Hayes……” Alex Monaghan / Folkworld
“A remarkable album that captures raw energy and emotion ……a complete story from start to finish….” **** / Allan Wilkinson / Northernsky Reviews
“Spectrum, a deep pool of emotional depth that anchors the whole album……the liner notes are something special, their brevity, clarity and insights into The Spectrum Project are a pure delight.” Sean Laffey / Irish Music Magazine

I’m delighted to share my winning composition and film from "In Tune with Nature” sponsored by Fèis Rois. This has been incredibly inspiring and emotional. The film captures Beinn Eighe's shapes, shadows, movement and stillness. My composition, featured on my Lockdown release The Spectrum Project, reflects time, past, present and future, which nature also does, in its own special way. Thanks to Graeme Rogers for filming.

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"Marie is quite simply an exceptional musician, teacher, mentor and friend. In my lessons, she always encouraged me to follow my own path with music and continues to advise and guide me. It's rare to meet someone with such an open mind to different styles and views, yet someone whose opinion and knowledge I trust implicitly. She has been an invaluable help on my journey. The honesty, passion, commitment and love that goes into her music and teaching is something very special."
Ryan Young

'I am passionate about inspiring and contributing to the legacy of Traditional music'